Born into a family of musicians, Christine was raised in an environment full of music and arts. Growing up in Queens (NYC), one of the most diverse places in the world, she was surrounded by numerous cultures, practices and music, which helped form who she is today. Christine is a world music singer who sings in over 12 languages, and has performed internationally since childhood. Her father and mentor, Dinu Ghezzo, was an acclaimed contemporary composer and conductor; and Director of Music Composition at NYU. Her mother, Marta Ghezzo, is an internationally recognized author of music theory text books and musicological research, and teaches at Lehman College (CUNY).

Christine's early practice of music was based on researching and performing songs from Romania and Hungary, collaborating with her father and performing in concerts and festivals around the US and Europe. For the past decade she has been studying Indian Classical Music and is currently  a student of the Pandit Jasraj Institute of Music in Tampa.  Her Gurus are Pt. Radharamane Kirtane and Pt. Rattan Mohan Sharma of the Mewati Gharana. She regularly sings Bhajans (Hindu Devotional Songs) in Temples in Florida and New York. Her love of Indian music and spirituality led her to the practice of Kirtan, which is the chanting of sacred mantras and names. Kirtan is sung in a call and response format with the intention of opening the heart and spirit to divine energy. She also composes music for Yoga classes and Meditation, and was featured on a CD released by Kripalu Institute: Seva CD vol.3, Sounds of Bhakti. Her solo CD: Songs of the Heart: a journey through world music, is available through

Short List of where she has performed:

Symphony Space, NY
Merkin Concert Hall, NY
Romanian Cultural Center NY
Romanian Embassy, Italy (Venice)
Argentinian Embassy, NY
Sala dei Giganti, Italy (Florence)
Fringe Festival, Italy
Bucharest Conservatory, Romania
Kodaly Institute, Hungary
Kripalu Institute, MA

New York University, NY
India Cultural Center, FL
The Lotus Pond, FL
Yoga Village, FL
Kali Mandir, NY
Ambaji Mandir, FL